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Advanced Thermal Technologies is the premier Upstate
New York licensed dealer for Icynene Inc. and contractor for FHP GeoThermal Systems ultimately providing comfort to homeowners through smart, contemporary builders responsible for creating the green homes for our future.

The Icynene Insulation SystemTM is a state-of-the-art, spray-in-place soft foam that is revolutionizing the insulation of homes and commercial buildings. IcyneneTM is healthier, quieter and more energy efficient than traditional insulation:

  • Made of polyicynene foam, a water-based
    organic product.
  • Provides a complete air and moisture barrier system.
  • Windproofs and seals wall, floor, ceiling cavities and fills all crevices against air movement.
  • Reduces airborne sound.

We're now installing Geo-Thermal Systems, from FHP, one of the leading manufacturers of Geothermal and Water Source heat pumps.

At the core of Geo-Thermal systems, is the heat pump which collects the natural energy of the earth to provide both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. It works by circulating water or other fluids into the ground through a series of non-corrosive pipes, warmed or cooled by the ambient temperature of the ground. These fluids return back to the heat pump providing heating or cooling for your home or business as needed -- efficiently and without any negative impact on the environment.

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The IcyneneTM
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