All quality products and materials have one thing in common: their advantages are dependent on proper installation and application, and those all-important procedures are dependent on employing the highest caliber professionals in their respective fields. At Advanced Thermal Technologies, we understand that proper factory training is the key acheiving optimum results with optimum products, which assures our customers safe effective and efficient installations.

This first step in any quality project is planning, and proper planning is dependent on a full evaluation of both the mechanics of the proposed projectand the "human" factors involved. Special needs and considerations are every bit as important as the technical aspects of your insulation, barrier or geo thermal plans. Advanced Thermal Technologies will base their recommendations on more than 30 years of experience and successful projects to numerous to count. You meet with owner John Devitt personally, so the same person who evaluates and offers advice, will oversee every aspect of the job, from concept to completion. That's the right way to approach things. That's that Advanced Thermal Technologies way.



A factory trained Advanced Thermal Technologies technician applies Icynene insulation in a newly remodeled attic. 

The insulation in your home or commercial building needs to not only keep the inside temperatures comfortable, it needs to keep the outside temperatures where they belong...outside! What's more, your insulation needs to do this without emitting dangerous chemicals and airborne irritants that can effect your safety and overall health. Advanced Thermal Technologies understands all aspects of safe, healthy and efficient insulating, and uses only the finest insulation products available, including those from Icynene and Applegate.
Comfortable and healthy. That's the Advanced Thermal Technologies way.

The ideal and natural companion to proper thermal insulation is a quality air and moisture barrier to protect your residential or commercial property from exterior moisture and airborne contaminants. Tyvek Liquid barrier by Dupont is the industry standard in complete and effective air and moisture barrier technology, and the technicians at Advance Thermal Technologies are trained to use this state-of-the-art product line properly, because it's more that using the right products, it's knowing how to use them properly for optimum results.
That's the Advanced Thermal Technologies way.

Sealing a block building against moisture and vapors with Tyvek Liquid.


Combining technology with physics equasions as old as the earth itself, geothermal energy can supply your home or business with safe, reliable and quiet heating, cooling and hot water at a substantially lower cost than traditional methods; all while being the most environmentally friendly comfort systems available.

Natural, efficient, effective and green. That's the Advanced Thermal Technologies way. 


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